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Stolen (2022)


Cali Horn is the new kid in Swallowsville–a picturesque small town known as “Basketball Central” of North Dakota. From its quaint boutiques and cafés on Main Street to its diverse neighborhoods, no one would dream of what goes on once the gym lights go out. But, Swallowsville is a town where what you see isn’t always what you get.

While watching the “C Team” practice, she is befriended by Ray, a troubled, volatile basketball player who seems too friendly too fast. Through Ray’s “forced” friendship, Cali becomes involved in situations she is unprepared for. Would these new friends lead her to make the Varsity team and be coached by the modern-day Viking, Coach Talivikki, who was known for her “anything for the win” attitude?

Who can she trust? None of her new friends have active, present parents, but why? So Cali is left to her own devices, adjusting to a new school and grieving the suspicious death of her brother.

After a deadly shooting shuts down a beloved local restaurant, Cali wonders if some of her friends could be involved with the mysterious events in the town, including kidnapping and murder. She knows Harlow, the “It” girl, and Ruby, a defrocked varsity player, have secrets.

Will Cali find the truth behind the dark underbelly of this “picture perfect” town and its residents?

Praise & Reviews

Stolen is a well written first book in a series. The fact that it is written by a 14 year old girl is amazing, the story draws the reader into the life of Cali Horn with all the twists and turns of high school in small town North Dakota, you know, such as murder and kidnapping. I can't wait until the next book is out, because I am hooked and was left wanting to see what happens next!

Grabbed me from the start! I was expecting a book that would noticeably be written by a 13-year-old girl. What I found was an enjoyable first book of a series. The book hints at the challenges of not only dealing with being the best you can be on the basketball team, but also the 180 degree flips a teenage girl's personality can have. I understand the second book is in the works already and is rumored to be even better, I will be watching for it.

Great book to read! Great storyline and is easy to read and follow. Recommend to all readers and teens. I loved it!

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More about the Author

Lindsey Undlin has been writing since the 5th grade and began serious writing in the 7th grade, with Priders being her first published series at 14 years old.

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