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About Lindsey Undlin

Lindsey Undlin is a 16-year-old author from North Dakota who has been writing since the fifth grade. She began writing seriously writing in 7th grade at the age of 13. Priders was her first published book series at the age of 14. Lindsey does public speaking across the state of North Dakota. She has spoken to Elementary, Middle, High, and College students across the state. She has also been featured in North Dakota news outlets and magazines. Lindsey also attends book festivals across the U.S., these festivals being the Southern Festival of Books (Nashville, Tennessee), The Tucson Festival of Books (Tucson, Arizona), the Printers Row Lit Fest (Chicago, Illinois), and many more to come.

Priders is Lindsey's first published series. Priders is a series that follows the main characters, Cali and Ray, as they discover the truth about the city around them. This series tells the stories and struggles of All-Stars, underdogs, and athletes who go unseen. Priders will be a four-book series. Lindsey was also a finalist for the Next-Gen Indie Book Awards.

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Lindsey currently has Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts click the links below to keep up with Lindsey's content

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